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Online Learning

Online learning has grown in popularity over the last 10 years dues to its flexibility for the adult learner.  For the student learner it has become the alternative to the traditional brick and mortar education.  Standards and expectations are being set yearly for online learning making it an attractive option.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning Voicethread


Tour of the Media Center – Photo Peach Slideshow

To begin the school year, I review with students the sections of the library and what resources they can find each.  Each year I try to do it a little differently since I have the same students Pre K – 5.

For students, grades 3 – 5,  I can use this as a review after the students have completed the Treasure Hunt activity where they use QR codes to discover what “gems” they will find in each section.

For grades PreK – 2, we can use it as a motivator before we begin our lesson.


Locate and Evaluate Resources

2.B.1.a . Identify the sections of the media center and the attributes of the sources located within each section.

Here is my blog for SLM 508. This will definitely be a learning experience.

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